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Welcome to My Liz Seaver Music School Blog!

Updated: May 13, 2023

Hi, I'm Liz and I am a professional musician and an experienced piano, guitar and vocal teacher! I am passionate about helping students reach their potential and unlock their inner musician.

With this blog and my online content I intend to help students play with fun, ease, passion and creativity. I also aim to encourage musical independence and individuality! We are all different and have personal strengths that we can grow and enhance.

Being a full time musician for over 14 years has been an interesting ride and I have made memories that will last a lifetime.

girl sitting at a keyboard with headphones

Photo by Glen Bollard

A bit about me, Liz Seaver

I have had a varied music career to say the least. Some amazing highs and some dodgy lows, but every experience, good or bad, has taught me something and shaped who I am as a musician and person today. I will be sharing some of these experiences in my future blog posts.

Here are a few facts to start with. I have written and released two independent albums Til The Day Fades In (2005) and Turbulent Bliss (2013). I am in a rock band called LIERS that released an EP ELIXIR (2019). You can watch our debut 'Universal Female' single video below if you are a rock music fan!

Being a solo act allowed me to travel and tour supporting some of Ireland's finest singers and bands such as Jack Lukeman, The Hot House Flowers, Damien Dempsey, Mundy, Paddy Casey, Walking on Cars, Ham Sandwich and many more. I have also loved travelling abroad to perform in cities such as London, Paris and Hamburg.

Apart from performing, I have been a session musician on many studio albums, the voice of an Aldi tv and radio campaign, written songs for productions by The Lambert Puppet Theatre, appeared in an RTE reality music tv competition called The Hit, where Samantha Mumba picked and released my song 'Somebody Like Me' reaching No.5 in the charts and I also scored a multi award winning comedy short film called 'Spot' written and produced by my husband Cormac. With LIERS I also played at major festivals including Electric Picnic, live on RTE radio and supported fellow Rush rockers Fangclub at Whelans.

Check out the video below for a taster of my time on 'The Hit'. Please feel free to laugh at my expression and hair as I find out live that my song had been chosen. The production team had all day to do my hair but for some reason I fell through the cracks and it was finished off in a hurry side of stage (without a mirror). I have to laugh now but I didn't think it was funny at the time! The show was filmed at the 3 Arena.

All these experiences and more have informed how I teach and encourage my students. I am not just simply your average music teacher, I am a musician who teaches!

How I can help YOU through this blog

Over the next series of blog posts I will be sharing some tips, tools, stories and nuggets of wisdom I have learned while being a working musician to help you get the most out of your own musical journey. Maybe something I have done or experienced will encourage you or inspire you on your own path as other musicians did me.

Whether you are a complete beginner or are already playing or singing and want to improve your skills, you will absolutely find value in my future blogs.

Please feel free to comment or email me with any questions or topics you would like me to cover at

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